Chest of drawers, pre-primed pinewood.

Medicine cabinet. Finish-grade pinewood.

Campaign writing desks. Discarded storage pallet & scrap pinewood lumber respectively.

Flower boxes. Scrap redwood lumber.

Workshop washbasin/cabinet. Scrap pinewood and plywood lumber.

Patio storage box. Pinewood harvested from a demolished garage.

Georgetown, Washington, DC

From 2005 to 2008 I led the renovation and expansion of a Washington, DC home that effectively doubled its original surface area of 1,200 square feet. The project was carried out by a small team of subcontractors consistent with my design specifications and most of the finish carpentry work was my own. The back of the home was extended to create additional space in the basement, a large living room on the ground level and an office on the second floor. The original living room was converted into a library and basement was transformed into a spacious guest room. A sun room was later added to the extended first floor and the front and back yards were landscaped into drought gardens

Since the renovation was completed, the market value of the home has been appraised  by the DC municipality at more than 50 percent its 2003 purchase price.

Converting the living room into a library. Facing the street and absent a foyer, the original salon did little to inspire visitors but works well as a library. Custom-built, floor-to-ceiling shelves create the illusion of recessed bookcases with the help of a two-tone finish that accents their depth. 

The bookshelves were fitted with halogen lighting, as were the nooks for wall art, and a pendant lamp was hung from the ceiling. Independent dimmer switches illuminate the room with distinct pools of light.

Creating new space from scratch. The extension to the house allowed for a comfortable, sunlit living room on the ground floor and a large office space on the top level complete with credenza. The galley kitchen was renovated along with the adjacent dining area. Recessed ceiling lights were installed along with flush-mounted stereo speakers, part of a sound system controlled from the library. A liquor cabinet and additional kitchen shelf space, designed and built by myself, were installed.

A half-finished basement was completely overhauled to accommodate several guests at once. I custom-built new storage space and a wine nook and refinished existing shelving. Wood flooring was laid and recessed lighting was added.

To maximize space in both the master and guest bathrooms, I designed and built freestanding vanities and medicine cabinets that maximize storage area and highlight depth.

A sun room was added to the extended living room and quickly became the most popular space in the home. A surface deck was added in the backyard, which was landscaped with a drought and labor-efficient hardscape design.